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What I have achieved in 18mths on Council

Clean Environment Clean Politics

Speak up on bullying

Council performs U-Turn on Clearways

Council delegates all planning decisions to CEO over January

Buying public land from the State Government

Somali women ask the Federal Government to ban the importation of the drug KHAT

Travancore Development (Former Lombard's site)

Kayyo Oromo Women's Group

Environment Forum - Peak Oil

Local Governments can ACT NOW on Climate Change

Notice of Motion - Bring Office of Housing to Flemington Estate

Budget 2008-2009

Day of protest - Eddington and Travancore Development

Make a submission to Council on Eddington

VEC Review Results - three three member wards

Draf Budget out for comment soon

Update on Development on former Lombards site

Make a submission to the VEC for 3 x 3 councillor wards

Development on former Lombard's site

Walking and Cycling

Greenhouse emissions

Waste management

Open Spaces

Equipment in playgrounds

Flemington Project

Our waterways: dredging and storm-water


Development on former Lombard's Site