Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day of protest - Eddington and Travancore Development

A large crowd gathered in Debney's Park on Sunday 25th May to protest against the Edddington Report and the Travancore (Lombards) Development.

Paul Mees, Gab Pretto, Julienne Bell, Kevin Chamberlain and I (Rose Iser) addressed the crowd.
Keep active and vocal and express your views about these proposals. Neither Eddington's report nor the Travancore Development do anything to address our transport and community needs. Neither projects deliver sustainable traffic and transport outcomes.

Make a submission to Council on Eddington

MVCC will make a submission to the Eddington Report. To make sure Council's submission reflects the views of the community, write to Council and give your opinion on whether Eddington's billion dollar projects are the transport solutions for Melbourne.

VEC Review Results - three three member wards

From December 2008, Moonee Valley City Council will be divided into three wards (not the current 7) and each of the 3 wards will have 3 Councillors elected via proportional representation. This is a great outcome and will hopefully result in a Council that better reflects the diversity of our community.

Draf Budget out for comment soon

Please make sure you review the draft budget and make submissions. I am working hard to make sure the revenue from the sale of Debney Parkland is spent on Debney Park, that there is funding for local community projects and that our Environemntal Sustainability and Greenhouse Action Plans are funded.