Buying public land from the State Government

It has been interesting to read about Moreland Council being asked to purchase VicRoads land to maintain its public use. Despite an Upper House Inquiry last year into the use and development of public land and open space in Victoria, the State Government is still requiring local Councils to use rate-payers' money to purchase public land it nominates as being surplus to the Government's needs. Moonee Valley City Council has put aside $150,000 in this year's budget as part payment for a pocket of land along the Moonee Ponds Creek at Bent St, Moonee Ponds. The price-tag has not yet been made public. This land was declared surplus by the State Government, but rather than taking up the Council's offer to manage the land, invest in recreational facilities and maintain it as public open space, the public purse has had to open for Council to purchase public land. The transfer of land from one tier of government to another should not be at a cost the community.


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