Saturday, September 13, 2008

Clean Environment Clean Politics

Yes - I am seeking re-election in November in the new South ward. I am resolute in my commitment to addressing issues of environmental sustainability, governance, community services, consultation, planning, open space and more ... in Moonee Valley. More on this soon...

Speak up on bullying

Bullying is often an issue for females in male dominated workplaces - such as the political sphere. It is a difficult topic to address and doing so can make people uncomfortable. Only 29% of Councillors Australia-wide are female and many of these women say they experience bullying during Council meetings. Without clear processes to address bullying, and the enforcement of these processes, political debate can degenerate to personal attacks (becasue of course this doesn't happen at the State and Federal level!). As difficult and as uncomfortable as it is, I encourage women (and men) to speak up about bullying in their workplaces in the hope that it is addressed - or better still, doesn't occur in the first place.

Council performs U-Turn on Clearways

Cr Rose Iser has expressed concern about Council voting to work with VicRoads to implement AM Clearways in Moonee Valley.

“Council voted on July 15th to oppose any extension to Clearways and has now changed its position for AM Clearways. Is every position of Council open for reversal in this way?” said Cr Iser.

“While addressing traders’ concerns has rightly been mentioned, there are safety issues and concerns raised by residents that also require attention. When cars move faster, pedestrians are put at risk – particularly getting on and off trams,” she said.

There is very little traffic in Mt Road after 9:15am and there is no need for extended clearways – in effect creating a ‘freeway’ to be used in preference to the CityLink tollway” Cr Iser said.

Council delegates all planning decisions to CEO over January

Cr Rose Iser has expressed concern about Council delegating all urgent Town Planning applications to the Chief Executive between December 16th 2008 and February 2009.

“Council has just put developers on notice that, in Moonee Valley, there will be virtually no political scrutiny of planning decisions that need to be made over January,” said Cr Iser.

“Council has an invaluable role in overseeing planning decisions and has supported community concerns by successfully modifying about 60% of the applications that come to Council meetings for a decision. Very few of these Councillor amendments have been successfully challenged at VCAT,” she said.

“It is of great concern that an outgoing Council is binding a new Council to a decision making process – hopefully a new Council will be enthusiastic about dealing with planning matters and will manage to do so over summer,” Cr Iser said.