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Yes - I am seeking re-election in November in the new South ward. I am resolute in my commitment to addressing issues of environmental sustainability, governance, community services, consultation, planning, open space and more ... in Moonee Valley. More on this soon...


Unknown said…
hello rose,
seems you do all your best work at 3am in the morning, like me! or have you just not set your computer's clock?
just touching base about your standing for the next council elections and wishing to support you and your other activism in this by putting my hat in the ring as well. it seems a cry in the wilderness is often heard but often mistaken for the wind? please could you advise me on procedures - apart from attending the information night next week at council offices - for standing for council.
you had mentioned we could stop for a coffee and chat, have you a window around the drop off / pick up at flemington ps? i am pretty flexible so i would fit your schedule if possible
michael auty
Rose Iser said…
Sure Michael. I will be in touch - a busy week, but perhaps Monday afternoon prior to school pick up?

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