Flemington Housing Estate - funding welcome, but still no office

As the Flemington community celebrates the investment of $1m over the next four years into the Flemington Housing Estate, residents are still waiting for an Office on the estate to respond to their rental and maintenance inquiries.

Recently, a petition was tabled by Greg Barber in Parliment with the signatures of residents who hope that one day they won't have to travel to Ascot Vale for simple inquiries. Phone calls are often thwarted by language issues and some requests must be made in person. The Office of Housing has on average ten requests from the Flemington Estate per day and I believe this justifies staffing an office on-site.

Having an office on the Estate may have helped the residents of 120 Racecourse Rd who have been struggling with only one lift operating during May and June while the other undergoes maintenance. Information about this was difficult for residents to obtain.


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