Debneys Park

Regarding the proposed sale of an additional portion of Debneys Park, the majority of Council voted in favour of this with me and Cr Cusack strongly opposing this proposal. The Mayor is working with South Ward Councillors to try to develop new plans that do not require any sale of parkland. I will keep you posted.

Improvements at Debneys Park

Council with support from the Heart Foundation and with input from a special group of local primary school students and Flemington residents, has developed a draft plan to improve and activate Debneys Park in Flemington.

Overall improvements outlined in the draft plan include:
Introducing new active play spaces for children of all ages while retaining the basketball court
New seating and furniture
Improved pathways for pedestrians and cyclists
Viewing platforms over the creek
Improvements to biodiversity through new plantings including retention of all existing trees
Increased shade and habitat
Improved entry points to the park
Improvements to the community garden including new fencing, entry point and possible market place

The draft Concept Plan is on consultation for two weeks from 8 July to 22 July.
Copies of the draft Concept Plan will be on display in Debneys Park, Council’s Civic Centre, at the Flemington Community Centre, at the Flemington Library and at

All residents are encouraged to view this plan and to send their comments to:Email: 9243 8888Post: PO Box 126, Moonee Ponds 3039


Monte said…
I'm cautious about plans to remove the fencing from the edge of MVCC 'property' by the creek. There have been plantings over the years there that have significance to locals.
The ideas about the community gardens are good and will lower the Housing Commission/general community barrier, from this side, at least.
Rose Iser said…
Thanks Jack - I will pass on this caution to Council staff and see that we don't disrupt plantings of significance. Perhaps you can provide me with some more details on the exact locations of these plantin? Rose Iser

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