Friday, January 22, 2010

Newsflash - South Ward now Myrnong Ward

Council has been advised that the Governor in Council on 19 January 2010 made an order in Council under S220Q(m) of the Local Government Act 1989 to alter the names of the wards of Moonee Valley as follows.

1. South Ward is altered to Myrnong Ward;
2. Central Ward is altered to Buckley Ward; and
3. West Ward is altered to Rose Hill Ward.

The Order in Council was published in the Victorian Government gazette G3 on 21 January 2010 and comes into effect immediately.

Welcome to Moonee Valley 2010!

I hope you have enjoyed a break from normal routines over summer.

This year will be an interesting one with both state and federal elections - a good time for lobbying for those things we have been waiting for for years: action on climate change, better public transport, better cycling routes, improved planning mechanisms, safeguards for public open space, transferral of surplus crown land to local councils for public use(like the Travencore land), improved maintenance of VicTrack land and assets, improved public housing and community health - the list goes on.

This is the year to get vocal and seek commitments to improving our community. We have seen some positive improvements over the years, but too often we see outcomes that are over-sized, ill-considered, concrete intensive and light on community benefit. May 2010 be a year for nourishing our community.

Contact me at any time with queries or concerns.

Reagrds, Rose

Fairbairn Park Masterplan process

Many, many residents have expressed their concerns to me about the proposal to move the Essendon Cricket Club to Fairbairn Park. Council has not yet made a decision on the Masterplan.
Residents can write to or ring councillors to express their views. There is also a council meeting at 6pm February 9th at which anyone can ask questions of councillors and officers or make a five minute presentation. These meetings occur monthly and are a good way of commuunicating with councillors and officers.

1 Ascot Vale Road planning application – community consultation 18th February

New plans were submitted to Council on December 23rd - details should be on the MVCC website:

At this stage, a consultation meeting is planned for 18th February - TBC.

Proposed sale of land at Debneys’ Park – submissions to council by 23rd February

While Council voted in December to sell 420 sq m to VicRoads to widen Mt Alexander Rd, I was alone in voting against this proposal. Cr Giuliano and I worked hard to have the plans redrawn to reduce the amount of park up for sale, but I argued that it is still unnecessary to sell any land at all for road space. The new plans encompass all roadway within the previously sold land and the new sale is for essential services and a shared bike/footpath - these are already contained on Council land from what I understand. If land is sold, some cyclists would like to see at least an on-road bike lane.
Submissions to Council by February 23rd. Email me for more details.

Moonee Valley Festival, Queens Park – Sunday 28th February

Lots of fun for kids and families - have a look at the Moonee Valley Website for details:

Clean Up Australia Day, Debneys’ Park – Sunday 7th March

Sign on a Debney Meadows Primary School or other sites along the Moonee Ponds Creek between 10:00 - 12;00 then join us at 12:30 for a multicultural Lunch at Debney Meadows Primary School there will be a special celebration to say thank you to all volunteers.

Flemington Housing Estate – heatwave conditions

Over 130 residents have signed a petition for urgent action to make unrenovated flats at the Flemington Housing Estate tolerable during heatwaves. Unrenovated flats suffer from unopenable windows, poor air circulation, lack of fans etc. Residents have no options during heatwaves as the etsate does not have a cool place for people to stay if their flats are 40degrees plus. An immediate maintenance audit is required with the worst flats prioritsed for urgent renovations.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What The Greens Senators are doing about the CPRS

A message from Bob Brown:

This morning, Christine Milne and Bob Brown moved to break the political deadlock on climate action.

We have written to the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition and the key Senators proposing that we adopt Professor Garnaut's suggestion of a two year interim scheme with a fixed carbon price with no trading and no offsets.

Our proposal is a building block for future climate action that's got real teeth. If adopted, it paves the way for a much better climate change outcome.

The proposal gives half its revenue back to Australia's householders and is still in the black. Mr Rudd's CPRS pays polluters to keep polluting and ends up deep in debt.

We Greens are putting forward a constructive proposal to get Australia moving towards the zero carbon future and you can see all the details on our website.

Please help us break the deadlock by spreading the word.

By passing this message on to your friends you can help us build the public support we will need to convince Mr Rudd's government and two more Senators to embrace this interim solution and get Australia moving.

On our website you will find all the details on this proposal and resources to email the Minister, send letters to the editor and help out in other vital ways.

Help our Senate team make a crucial breakthrough in national climate change action!

Senator Bob Brown
Leader of the Australian Greens.

PS: We know this solution isn't perfect, but, unlike the CPRS, there is no way it can hold back climate action. It can only help get Australia moving towards a zero carbon future.