Welcome to Moonee Valley 2010!

I hope you have enjoyed a break from normal routines over summer.

This year will be an interesting one with both state and federal elections - a good time for lobbying for those things we have been waiting for for years: action on climate change, better public transport, better cycling routes, improved planning mechanisms, safeguards for public open space, transferral of surplus crown land to local councils for public use(like the Travencore land), improved maintenance of VicTrack land and assets, improved public housing and community health - the list goes on.

This is the year to get vocal and seek commitments to improving our community. We have seen some positive improvements over the years, but too often we see outcomes that are over-sized, ill-considered, concrete intensive and light on community benefit. May 2010 be a year for nourishing our community.

Contact me at any time with queries or concerns.

Reagrds, Rose


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