Thursday, January 21, 2010

What The Greens Senators are doing about the CPRS

A message from Bob Brown:

This morning, Christine Milne and Bob Brown moved to break the political deadlock on climate action.

We have written to the Prime Minister, Leader of Opposition and the key Senators proposing that we adopt Professor Garnaut's suggestion of a two year interim scheme with a fixed carbon price with no trading and no offsets.

Our proposal is a building block for future climate action that's got real teeth. If adopted, it paves the way for a much better climate change outcome.

The proposal gives half its revenue back to Australia's householders and is still in the black. Mr Rudd's CPRS pays polluters to keep polluting and ends up deep in debt.

We Greens are putting forward a constructive proposal to get Australia moving towards the zero carbon future and you can see all the details on our website.

Please help us break the deadlock by spreading the word.

By passing this message on to your friends you can help us build the public support we will need to convince Mr Rudd's government and two more Senators to embrace this interim solution and get Australia moving.

On our website you will find all the details on this proposal and resources to email the Minister, send letters to the editor and help out in other vital ways.

Help our Senate team make a crucial breakthrough in national climate change action!

Senator Bob Brown
Leader of the Australian Greens.

PS: We know this solution isn't perfect, but, unlike the CPRS, there is no way it can hold back climate action. It can only help get Australia moving towards a zero carbon future.

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