Council meeting - yes we can!
Ah the sparks flew tonight. It's hard to keep quiet - well I find it difficult, anyway. When the Chair has lost control, Crs are all talking over one another, and a motion is being challenged and debated before it has even been seconded, I have to speak. "Could we just ..."... "How about we..."... trouble was I couldn't get a word in. Chaos ensued - people talking, arguing, chatting ... desperate times called for desperate measures... "Can I call a point of order?" I was rather startled by the repsonse from the Chair: "No you can't." Sorry? "No you can't".
Oh yes I can! Tonight, colleagues and I voted for 360L Recycling bins to be available for residents; voted to support the importance of three year old kindergarten; voted to tell property owners if we are considering planning amendments affecting them; voted to have tram stops in Racecourse Rd improved; voted to develop policies about road closures so residents have certainty; and I presented a rubbish bag of bottles left in a residential street .... oh yes we can!


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