Early voting for the federal election
Early voting for the Federal Election has been going on for two bitterly cold weeks. Today, I was rostered to smile through blue lips and hand out How to Vote cards in Hall St, Moonee Ponds for four hours. The wind was ferocious and even my snow-jacket couldn't prevent bone-chill and shivers.
After an hour of racing after blow-away cards down the street and fumbling with numb fingers, I retreated across the road for a hot-chocolate. I entered the toasty warm cafe and was accosted by two older gentlemen who had been watching from the bar stools at the window.
"So, you're a Green. I won't be voting for them," said one. I let him continue partly becuase I still couldn't move my frozen lips.
"Bob Brown and Christine Milne - where were they on Black Saturday."
We chattered for a while and I offered to find him an answer if he emailed me his contact details. His friend, Wayne, smiled quietly as he listened. Hot chocolate then beckoned. I ordered the largest available and eyed the cakes. I felt a tap on my shoulder.
"Let me pay for that. You've been working hard picking up all those papers." I thanked Wayne and wondered if chatting in coffee shops was more worthwhile than standing in the wind - but out I trooped.


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