Planning - enter the ring
Sometimes planning mediation meetings are a emotional affair - like the one tonight. Six units in a three storey complex with 75% site coverage (standard is 60%) and built to boundary at back and front.
Old lady living behind has nurtured her vegie garden for 30 years and is worried about whether it will still get sun. A couple in street opposite already have difficulties getting the rubbish collected because the truck can't get down the street for the cars. A heavy industrial design in an Edwardian Street - unified by the use of red brick. Not a water tank or solar panel or garden bed on site. All justified under the banner of mitigating urban sprawl.
The old lady walked out disgusted. The couple left early. No compromise on design, density or setbacks. We will meet again... at VCAT.
A well designed, environmentally sustainably designed, landscaped and integrated set of 3-4 units could work. With a tank or panel or four. Carrots and regulations required to induce better homes and gardens.


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