Clear planning rules required
Another Deputations meeting at Council tonight. This application is for 14 apartments on top of a cafe/bar on Mt Road. The main issues raised by objectors include: lack of car-parks for patrons of the bar; use of a laneway for car-park entrance; amenity issues arising from bar in the adjacent residential area; construction plan; garbage plan; loading zone.
ResCode applies to applications three storeys or less. But the rules are less clear for four storeys and above. ResCode proffers standards - but these can be varied. The guidelines for higher buildings are even more discretionary.
Residents tonight asked some simple questions: how many car parks should the development have given the dual use of dwellings and bar? Three possible answers were given.
No wonder tempers flared and people shook heads wearily. This development may or may not be appropraite for the site. Without clear planning rules, it is anyone's guess and probably VCAT's decision.


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