Heritage Overlays -
In 2007, Interim heritage controls were put over parts of Strathmore and Nth Essendon - without any notice given to residents. The Ministerial Direction approving this amendment stated: “The interim controls will be replaced once a decision is made on Amendment C66.”
In 2008, C66 was approved implementing HO over some 16 buildings, but not the Strathmore and Nth Essendon precincts. The Interim controls were not replaced, however, and Council was asked for more justification for removing C76.
For two years, no further reasons were put forward by Council. Instead we had frustrating committees, expensive reports and resident angst. Finally, giving up on Council, residents wrote their own (excellent) report and took it to the Minister.
On Tuesday, Council will (for the third time) ask the Minister to remove C76 - this time with some reasons.
Strangely, the recommendation is to request the authorisation of an Amendment to remove the Interim Controls. The reason for this lengthy process is unclear to me at this stage. The Interim controls should ahve been replaced when the C66 was introduced in 2008.


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