Oromo Women and 1 Ascot Vale Rd
Today I was asked to speak at the Graduation ceremony for Oromo women who had completed a leadership course. Wingate Community Centre was its usual hub of activity, aromatic cooking, children playing and young people hanging around in their hoodies. I based my short speech to the women on Nancy Reagan's (of all people!) quote: "Women are like a tea bag: you never know how strong they are until you put them in boiling water." We talked about the boiling water that they might have been in or might find themsleves in as they start to run their own incorporated association - conflict within the group, competing commitments, badly run meetings... starting to sound a bit like Council!
Earlier in the week, I sat at VCAT listening to residents defend their neighbourhood against CBD infiltration - 20 storey proposal at 1 Ascot Vale Rd. I look forward to the time when both new and older arrivals to Australia can plan their neighbourhood together at well run meetings and have VCAT respect their vision.


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