Public Transport Quiz - try it!
Following very good evening with Colleen Hartland talking public transport in Essendon, I invite you to take my quiz.
1. From Essendon to South Bank, which is quicker: Craigieburn train or 59 tram?
2. Major events and public transport: who is responsible for coordinating the two?
3. What is the percentage of old infrastructure that travels north and west compared to south and east?
4. Do you have to 'touch off' a Myki card on a tram?
5. Have new Clearways times improved tram travel?
6. Are new stations built with ramps, not stairs?
7. What is the average wait between trains in Melbourne?
8. How old is the Passenger Information technology in Melbourne?
9. Do five year olds have to pay for a ticket?
10. Is tram inaccessibility like apartheid?
For answers 1-9, send me your guesses. For 10, ask Greg.


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