Friday, March 22, 2013

Another view

I enjoyed breakfast talking with two German journalists who are here to report on Sri Lanka post war.
We covered many different views of the situation: does the international community have any idea what is really going on? What do the people of Sri Lanka really need? Why on earth would Australia think that Tamils who seek refuge in Australia are a threat to national security?
One ifthe journalists last saw Sri Lanka in 2009 and her descriptions of the changes are interesting.
We conclude that the Tamils in Sri Lanka for the most part want peace. They were frustrated when options for peace were not taken up ten years ago.
People want to rebuild their lives, their economy, even their cross-ethnic relationships.
The international diaspora may want justice. But it seems people here just want peace and security.
What can the international community do? Support reconciliation, rebuilding, peace and prosperity.
How to do this? I'll have to take that question on notice for now.

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Pete said...

I rate peace and security higher than justice (on my personal scale of importance of important human rights).
I would find the former far more meaningful in terms of moving forward - though I'm sure not everyone agrees with this.