Sunday, March 24, 2013


Forget deploying road aid from Australia. According to the lovely guy who drive me around the district today, massive contracts have already been signed with Chinese contractors. The new hospital in Jaffna was built by the Chinese - not to forget the massive towers going up in Colombo.
I am joining speculative dots, but it wouldn't surprise me if Australia's foreign policy wrt Sri Lanka actually has more to do with China. I have been told china supplied weapons to the SL government during war time and that locals are not too pleased about the ongoing close relationship between China and Sei Lankan governments. Australia may not mind distancing itself from Sri Lanka - but if that were to jeopardize diplomacy with china, the puzzle stars to make sense.
I have noticed that my blog has a following from China - coincidence I hope.

I explored the coastline of the top of Sri Lanka today: dipped my toes in the warm Indian ocean, drove past ruins from war from 1981-1996; stopped by at the Jaffna library (the largest in Asia) which was totally burnt out in 1981 probably by the Sri lankan police.
We also visited an historic fort built by the Portuguese and many colorful and elaborate temples.

At one stop, a tranquil port for fishing boats, I was told by a soldier bearing fearsome arms that I couldn't take a photo. The photo would have shown water, birds and fishing boats. We decided that two men needed to feel very important, drive down the road a bit and took photos from the car.

Apart from the ruins, which were not helped by the tsunami in 2004 in this area, and navy, police and soldiers at every corner, the area is peaceful and relaxed. I hope it stays this way.

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