Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Forgot to mention...

... spotting a tattered UNHCR tarpaulin creating a shelter on a ruined home in Jaffna province;
...drinking fresh coconut water harvested from a coconut at the family's home in Jaffna: drop, chop, pour;
...organising to visit a shop in Colombo today, but the owner forgetting it was Buddhist full moon and so a holiday;
...forgetting to bring a hairbrush (that's how much I care) but packing lots of useless socks;
...almost making the mistake of using my newly learnt Tamil in Colombo;
...girls my age usually go to Italy to buy shoes or New York to buy clothes; I've come to Sri Lanka to buy wooden peacock masks;
...being asked by nearly every tuktuk driver if I wanted to buy gems;
...explaining sunscreen to the children of my friend in Jaffna.

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