Saturday, September 7, 2013

AEC Update 2pm 8 September

Marginal seats

Eden-Monaro may have regained its status as Bellwether seat as Libs ahead by 246 votes.

ALP is 619 votes behind in Reid.

Barton, McEwen and Capricornia on knife-edge for ALP with postal and absentee votes still to be counted.  Less than 100 votes in it for Barton and McEwen.

Fisher, Indi, Mallee and Fairfax are close races between the Liberals and independents or Nationals.

If ALP lost all five seats, total loss would be 19 seats.

Nine seats still with a margin of less than one per cent.


Still 20-30 per cent of votes to count in most states - probably postal, absentee and provisional votes.

Informal vote

The highest informal votes of close to 15 per cent were in NSW - Blaxland, Fowler and Watson.


Katter suffered the highest swing: almost 16 per cent against him, but he still retains the seat.

Wilkie had one of the highest swings to him: 14 per cent.

Other strong swings were against ALP in Tasmania and former Prime Minister Gillard's seat of Lalor.

Anthony Albanese's seat was the most stable seat in the country with a change of only 0.08 per cent against the former Deputy Prime Minister.

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