Friday, September 27, 2013

Asylum seekers by boat - count continues

Following the Abbott Government being sworn into office, the Coalition introduced a new media blackout protocol that has stopped the practice of announcing boat arrivals as they happen. The policy also restricts comments on the operational details of any intercepts at sea under Operation Sovereign Borders.

''There's one spokesperson for the portfolio of immigration and border protection and you're looking at him. And I'll be the one fronting things, not public servants,'' said Minister Scott Morrison.

The following table collates information from websites, twitter and news reports about asylum seekers arriving by boat or being rescued at sea.


September 8 – 21

7 boats
475 passengers
16 crew

Intercepted or assisted by Border Protection Command
22 September 
31 asylum seekers
2 crew
Vessel intercepted east of Christmas Island by a Royal Australian Navy patrol vessel and escorted to Christmas Island; majority of those on board said to be transferred to a regional resettlement country within 48 hours.

23 September

798 people on Manus Island 710 on Nauru

Two people had voluntarily returned home from Nauru and two had voluntarily returned home from Manus since the election.

24 September 

7 asylum seekers from West Papua

Boat arrived on Australia’s Boigu Island in the Torres Strait
Asylum seekers transferred to Manus or Nauru.

24 asylum seekers transferred to Manus
34 to Nauru

25 September

19 asylum seekers  

Boat arrived at Darwin Harbour

26 September 

80 asylum seekers

Boat arrived at Christmas Island

44 asylum seekers

Asylum seekers returned to Indonesia.

HMAS Ballarat assisted in rescue at request of Indonesia; people transferred to an Indonesian rescue vessel for return to Indah Kiat port in Java.

Handover took place just outside Indonesian territorial waters.

Only 2nd time asylum seekers intercepted by Australian authorities have not been taken to Christmas Island.

Dispute about whether the boat was in distress when rescued.

27 September 

31 asylum seekers

Australia trying to return asylum seekers to Indonesia at 28 Sept.

Australian Customs Vessel ACV Triton rescued from another boat.

Preference from Aust to transfer at sea not enter Indonesian waters.

28 September
31 asylum seekers drowned
22 survivors

Survivors returned to Indonesia.

Boat heading towards Australia; up to 125 asylum seekers aboard; sank off southern coast of Java.

30 September
80 asylum seekers

Arrive Christmas Island.
From India?

4 October

171 ppl were transferred during the week to the Regional Processing Centres. 139 to Manus 32 to Nauru

Since Sept 18th 334 arrivals transferred to offshore processing centres.

11 October
One asylum boat arrived 10 October at the Cocos Islands.

As reported by The Guardian: since the change of government on 8 September, there had been 17 “disruptions” in Indonesia – which prevented 550 passengers getting onto people smugglers’ boats.

12 October
55 asylum seekers
Authorities intercepted an asylum boat on Wednesday afternoon; carrying Iranians, Afghans and Sri Lankans
17 October
60 asylum seekers
Arrived Christmas Island.
Possibly Middle Eastern and African descent .

18 October

Three boats with 173 people on board had arrived in the past week.
1061 people on Manus Island, 827 on Nauru and 2211 on Christmas Island

25 October
2 boats
166 passengers
arrived in last week
28 asylum seekers returned to Vietnam (like SL now have agreement to accept IMAs back from Australia)
7 November
63 asylum seekers
taken to Christmas Island

Australia tried to return the asylum-seekers to Indonesia who refused to accept them.  The asylum seekers were from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

12 November
50 Asylum seekers arrive in Darwin

Possibly another boat of 60 asylum seekers to Christmas Island – may be the boat above- TBC

From Somalia
13 November
Boat in trouble off Jakarta


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