Monday, September 16, 2013

Super-Clive against corruption

Super-Clive is here to save us from "corruption" - including the "corruption" of the Australian Electoral Commission.

"We need to turn back the tide of political corruption…that’s what Clive Palmer is doing…that’s what every Australian wants and that’s why I’m here. I have to get out there and fight the injustice,” said PUP candidate Marsha Foxman.

Although the Palmer United Party candidate for Malcolm Turnball's seat of Wentworth, Marsha Foxman, was determined to "fight the injustice", she managed just 921 votes, or 1.11 per cent of the vote.

But Clive Palmer himself is on the cusp of taking a seat next to four other independent or minor party Members of the 44th Parliament.

Mr Palmer polled just 27 per cent of the primary vote, against the Liberal's 41 per cent primary vote, but is ahead a few hundred votes on preferences from the ALP and Greens.

Throughout the vote count, Mr Palmer has called the AEC "corrupt", "antiquated", involving "tampering" and "lax or non-existent security".  

It's lucky we have Super-Clive to save us from the "corrupt" practices of the AEC.

Super-Clive has been up against corruption before.  In 2012, 

In a sensational press conference in Brisbane, Mr Palmer said senior people in the Queensland public service and lobby groups had been working to "shut Clive Palmer up" and ensure he was not a "political problem". "People in the government and senior figures in the public service were conspiring to put me in jail, and to confiscate all the assets that I have," he said.

And in 2009, when Mr Palmer was prevented from restricting home crowds to 5000, he "planned a Supreme Court challenge to the FFA's judicial process, which he described as "corrupt".

And in March 2012, 
THE Australian Football Agents Association is the latest group to slam Clive Palmer and his breakaway Football Australia set up after the mining billionaire claimed agents were corrupt.

Of course, in 2010, Mr Palmer said "he had no corrupt dealings with West Australian Nationals leader Brendon Grylls over the dropping of the environmental bond for an iron-ore project". 

Super-Clive fights corruption - let's see how far he will go.

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