Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The winners

In an indication of his enduring popularity, Malcolm Turnbull has pipped Tony Abbott in the number of personal votes received in the federal election.  Mr Turnbull received 46,473 votes, 63.33 per cent in his electorate of Wentworth.  Mr Abbott received 45,666 votes, 61.14 per cent of the vote in Warringah.

But the candidates who received the highest number of votes over-all were:
49,364  Mark COULTON (NATS) Parkes 63.29%
48,873  Alex HAWKE      (LIBS)  Mitchell 65.91%

Other winners include: (all from Coalition)

48,360  Scott MORRISON   Cook          60.92%
48,041  Bronwyn BISHOP   Mackeller   62.51%
48,015  Paul FLETCHER    Bradfield    65.39%
47,947  Sharman STONE     Murray      61.72%
44,748  Phillip RUDDOCK   Berowra    61.60%
43,748  Joe HOCKEY         Nth Sydney 60.85%

The ALP candidate who received the highest individual vote was Chris Hayes.
42,092 Chris HAYES (ALP)  Fowler    62.45%

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