Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Women still don't have the numbers

Women have not made any real inroads into increased representation in federal parliament.

Only 29.2 per cent of the members of the previous Parliament were women.  The composition of women has increased by just 0.8 to reach 30 per cent following the 2013 federal election.

Only 28 per cent of candidates elected last Saturday were women.  Add this to the number of continuing female Senators, and the count across the entire parliament comes in at 68 - an overall increase of two female parliamentarians.

The Coalition will have only 25 female members of parliament compared to the ALP's 35 women parliamentarians.

In the House of Representatives, the Coalition are on track to have 91 MPs, only 19 per cent will be women, compared to 41per cent of the ALP's 54 MPs in the House.

The ALP nominated 62 female candidate; 34 per cent of  total of 181 candidates.

The Greens continue to have the highest proportion of female representation in parliament and 46 per cent of Greens candidates were women.

Only 27 per cent of candidates contesting the election were women.

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