Friday, September 30, 2016

How to Vote in this year's council election

Your ballot paper should have arrived.  If you haven't received it by now, please contact the VEC on 8619 1751.

Number all boxes, SIGN and DATE the envelope and return by post it by 6pm Friday October 21. 


This year, you won't receive an indication of how each candidate would like you to order your votes on the ballot paper.* 

If you would like to support me, please vote:

 '1' for ROSE ISER 

and number all remaining boxes from 2-11 
preferencing progressive, honest, community focused representatives.

Some candidates in Myrnong Ward, Moonee Valley, are distributing their own 'How to Vote' cards. I am not.

The order of candidates on 'How to Vote' cards (HTVs) is most often the result of preference swaps or deals, not the actual order a candidate 'prefers' the other candidates.  

Here is some useful information about candidates' political party membership and preference swaps that are understood to have taken place this election:

Rose Iser - Independent - not a member of any party; not issuing HTV card; no preference swaps

Nicole Marshall - ALP member; not issuing HTV card; no preference swaps

Jim Cusack - ALP member; preference swap with Greens candidate

Jack Giles - Greens member; preference swap with Jim Cusack

Miriam Gillis - ALP member; preference swap with Liberal member candidate

Robert Cricco - Liberal member; preference swap with Miriam Gillis

Tony De Fazio - Independent; preference swaps unknown

Paul Filia - Independent; preference swaps unknown

Scott Agresta - Independent; preference swaps unknown

Cam Nation - Independent; preference direction from another candidate in VEC statement

Benjamin Smits - Independent; VEC statement indicates second preference direction; no response to candidate questionnaire; no contact phone number provided.

This information is based on phone conversations with Jim Cusack, Miriam Gillis and Robert Cricco's team, HTV cards distributed by candidates, and the VEC statements online at: 

*(A disallowance motion was passed by opposition parties in the Victorian Parliament Upper House to stop the VEC distributing candidates' How to Vote instructions).

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