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Rose has been engaged in local issues over the past two decades and is experienced in listening to and working with residents, organisations, businesses and Moonee Valley Council to improve decision-making for our community.


Rose lives in Travancore with her partner, two adult children, dog, Shadow, and his feline nemesis, Ivy. 


Rose has  completed a PhD thesis on multilingual learning. Rose has previously worked in law, politics, and journalism. 


She runs the Flemington Theatre Company. She also runs—and enjoys weekly Parkruns by the river.


What will Rose do for you?

Listening to community members, acting on your concerns, and supporting those in need, is Rose's approach.


Acting on climate change —reducing community greenhouse emissions to meet international targets as a matter of urgency; protecting our environment including open space and waterways


Social justice —including disability rights and access, public health, affordable and public housing, Reconciliation, gender inclusivity, multicultural equality, aged care and early learning, and the arts 


Restoring trust—including community focused planning, integrity in decision making and economic justice


"My commitment to you is that, if elected, I will listen and act to represent you in decision-making at the local level."

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