What's the plan?

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Planning is a key concern for most residents and more than half of a councillor's workload involves planning in some way.

Here's a summary of where I stand on planning.


  1. Everyone benefits from certainty, so clearer rules about heights, heritage and ESD are needed, as well as structure plans and neighbourhood zoning.

  2. Affordable housing and diverse housing is needed, but must come with infrastructure and open space.

  3. Transport including public transport, vehicle traffic and walking and cycling are integral to planning.

  4. Heritage buildings, trees and streetscapes must be protected.

  5. Sustainable living and environmentally sustainable design are critical for acting on climate change, so people must be allowed to install rooftop solar and other features.

Track record

  1. I have represented residents pro-bono on major developments at VCAT: 11-15 Ascot Vale Rd, 320 Racecourse Rd, 177A Mt Alexander Rd and the Planning Panel for the Flemington Housing Redevelopment.

  2. I was the only resident from Myrnong Ward who made a verbal submission to the Planning Panel for Moonee Valley's new planning scheme.

  3. As a councillor 2007-2010, I was the only councillor to protect Debney's Park from being sold to widen a road for future development.

  4. I have no conflict of interest with any properties except those within close proximity to my residential property.

What I will do if elected

  1. Protect communities from overdevelopment.

  2. Ensure the neighbourhood plans are undertaken to designate appropriate zones for areas in Myrnong Ward.

  3. Continue to protect heritage homes.

  4. Enable homes to install rooftop solar.

  5. Advocate for greater certainty including height limits and structure plans.

  6. Respond to the impact of development in activity centres with an emphasis on open space and transport infrastructure.

  7. Pay close attention to gambling and licensing impacts and reduce harms and losses.


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