I'm asking for your support at the Moonee Valley 2020 election because  I am committed to listening and acting for you.

  • I am committed to listening to you: your experiences and views on issues

  • experienced in negotiating positive outcomes for community, organisations and businesses

  • determined to listen to the science and act on climate change at the local level

  • compassionate, open minded and hard working

  • engaged in local community issues and active in finding solutions.

If I'm fortunate to be elected, I will:

  • take action on climate change locally

  • ensure policies are social just

  • restore trust in local government decision making by taking the following actions: Climate Action Climate talk:

  • Acknowledge that we face a climate emergency in speeches, written and online material

  • As a municipality, take responsibility for preventing climate change by reducing community emissions

  • Produce an annual climate change edition of Valley View and online publications Climate target

  • Commit to a community emissions reduction target (below 2005 levels) of 40% - 50% by 2025 60% - 75% by 2030

  • Commit to a community renewable energy generation target of 40% - 50% by 2025 50% - 75% by 2030 Climate action:

  • Employ two full-time climate emergency officers

  • Aim for funding in the vicinity of $25 per resident for the Green Action Plan items every year ($3m total)

Social Justice 


  • Continue to provide high quality aged care, childcare, kindergartens, maternal and child health care, disability services and other community support services

  • Work with the state government to improve public housing maintenance and provision - particularly for families in small units looking for more suitable accommodation

  • Improving compassionate animal management strategies to better care for local pets


  • Ensure all Council policies have positive social impacts and do not cause inadvertent social inequity and harm

  • Ensure all Council services are accessible for people with disabilities and special needs


  • Fund libraries to deliver information and services in a wide range of modes and universal access

  • Support walking and cycling and affordable transport

Restoring Trust


  • Commit to open and honest communication in person, online and at Council meetings


  • Restore Council meetings to be a place for open and honest discussion to improve Council decision making


  • Improve community consultation processes to support and respond to views expressed by community members


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