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Social justice is about interrogating policy decisions to make sure that, in practice, they are fair for people from all backgrounds.


Policies need to have just outcomes for people in different circumstances - including young people, pensioners, people with disabilities, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.


Making sure local government policies are fair means listening to people about the impact the policies will have on their daily lives and making adjustments to make sure adverse impacts are avoided.


For example, cutting back on community services may save Council money, but has a profoundly harmful effect on people who rely on these services for support including care, access and financial security.


Actions Rose will take to improve social justice in Moonee Valley


Community Services

  • Continue to provide high quality aged, maternal and child care for the community

  • Expand kindergarten services

  • Fund library and information services

  • Continue to support and provide high quality disability services


  • Working with the State Government to ensure that more public and affordable housing is provided  in Moonee Valley through direct investment, appropriate zoning and developer quotas 

  • Working with the State Government to provide support services for MV public housing residents, including an Office of Housing office at the Flemington housing estate 

  • Improving maintenance and support services for public housing residents through models of community empowerment and employment 


  • Supporting aged care services to provide care for older residents living at home

  • Supporting community health initiatives to ensure all residents have access to mental health

  • Working with community groups and employers to remove stigma associated with mental health and supporting community support services 

  • Access to parks, playgrounds, running, walking and cycling tracks to enhance mental and physical health


  • Respecting people as experts of their own lives and seeking experiences and testimony from community members to inform Council decisions

  • Making sure people have the opportunity to speak for themselves about issues at Council including Reconciliation, diversity, multiculturalism, young people, older residents, sporting and community groups, business owners

  • Genuine and meaningful consultation with community about issues of relevance to residents

Inclusivity and Equality

  • Inclusive services to provide access for people with disabilities 

  • Policies and language to be inclusive for people of all cultural, gender, racial, age backgrounds and LGBTIQ community members

  • Multilingual services and communication

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